Extending TNI commander's term of office still in process: President

Extending TNI commander’s term of office still in process: President

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stated that the plan to extend the term of office of National Defense Forces (TNI) Commander, Admiral Yudo Margono, is still in process.

“It is in progress,” Jokowi remarked during his visit to the Bali Mester Market to check food staples here on Tuesday.

Earlier, there was a discourse on extending the TNI commander’s term of office following a lawsuit submitted to the Constitutional Court to challenge the retirement age of TNI members, which is 58 years for officers and 53 years for non-commissioned officers.

House of Representatives’ (DPR’s) Commission I Chairperson, Meutya Hafid, stated that the option to raise the TNI members’ retirement age is open, but she first invited the government to study it.

Meanwhile, Margono, who will enter retirement age in November 2023, stated that the extension of his term of office is under the president’s prerogative right.

Apart from him, Army Chief of Staff, General Dudung Abdurachman, will also turn 58 in November 2023. There was also a discourse on extending his term of office.

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