Need Rp446 bln for Nusantara smart city development: OIKN

Need Rp446 bln for Nusantara smart city development: OIKN

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – A budget of Rp446 billion (around US$29 million) will be needed for the development of the new capital Nusantara as a smart city in 2024, Nusantara Capital City Authority (OIKN) Head Bambang Susantono said.

“In essence, we want to create a system, a solid policy so that the transformation of Nusantara city as a smart city starts in 2024,” he informed during a working meeting with the budget committee of the House of Representatives (DPR) here on Monday.

According to Susantono, of the Rp446 billion budget, Rp146 billion (around US$9.49 million) is needed for the governance digital system; Rp30 billion (around US$1.95 million) for the life digital system; and Rp169 billion (around US$10.99 million) for the smart transportation and mobility system.

In addition, Rp993 million (around US$64,575) is needed for human resources and industrial digital system; Rp118 billion (around US$7.67 million) for the natural resource and energy system; and Rp1 billion (around US$65,021) for the smart environmental and infrastructure system.

The development of Nusantara as a smart city is expected to have a national impact, primarily in reducing carbon emissions and creating a safe, affordable, connected, accessible, comfortable, and efficient environment with the help of technology.

The implementation of the smart city concept will include the development of e-governance infrastructure, including super apps, as well as data and computing control centers, the development of health applications, air pollution monitoring, and urban security systems.

In addition, it will include the creation of a smart industry center road map and the development of smart transportation and mobility systems and infrastructure, including advanced traffic management and public transportation systems.

Then, it will also cover the development of systems and infrastructure to support the monitoring and management of water, waste, forests, and energy digitalization, and the supervision of the construction of a digital twin-based smart building system.

Susantono further stated that the new capital is also aimed to be developed as a green city by using several technologies to make Nusantara a smart city. 

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