AP II introduces AeroBuddy as AI platform for airports

AP II introduces AeroBuddy as AI platform for airports

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – State-owned airport operator PT Angkasa Pura II (AP II) has introduced an artificial intelligence (AI) platform called AeroBuddy that integrates all airport operational data managed by AP II.

AP II Director Muhammad Awaluddin stated on Monday that AeroBuddy holds AP II’s big data knowledge base in order to function as a smart assistant for AP II personnel.

In addition, the result of AP II’s big data-based advanced data analytics carried out by AeroBuddy is expected to be better than manual analysis, he remarked.

Awaluddin stated that AeroBuddy can support AP II personnel to make decisions or design operational plans quickly and precisely in accordance with real-time conditions.

“The AeroBuddy AI platform has the ability to perform advanced data analytics on AP II operational big data. One of its benefits is the personnel’s ability to formulate operational plans in just one minute,” he explained.

He noted that AP II’s personnel can pose any queries, including those related to daily potential operational obstacles at the airport, to the AI platform.

AeroBuddy will also provide a comprehensive answer to eliminate potential obstacles.

He remarked that AeroBuddy will also be used to support the Airport Operation Control Center (AOCC) as the operations control center at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Tangerang.

AOCC is a collaboration forum for all stakeholders at Soekarno-Hatta Airport to ensure smooth airport and flight operations, he said.

“There is a lot of data exchange there. Therefore, AeroBuddy will also be involved in AOCC operations to help make decisions in a faster and more precise way for flights and airport’s efficiency,” he remarked.

According to Awaluddin, the platform will later be available in a conversational format via text, akin to the AI ChatGPT platform, albeit holding better knowledge regarding airports.

AeroBuddy will also be equipped with personalized automatic notifications according to the user’s needs, Awaluddin stated.

Meanwhile, a Cyber Law and Digital Regulation Professor at Padjadjaran University, Professor Ahmad M. Ramli, commended AP II’s efforts in developing AeroBuddy.

He said that AP II’s AeroBuddy platform plays a role in analyzing various cases comprehensively, including descriptive, predictive, and also prescriptive analysis, in a quick and easy manner.

“Various AI-based innovations and breakthroughs in various sectors need to be supported by regulators and stakeholders because the use of AI can help to optimize public services, including in the aviation sector,” he remarked. 

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