Youths' leadership needed to transform way of thinking: BRIN

Youths’ leadership needed to transform way of thinking: BRIN

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The younger generation has a crucial role in transforming the way of thinking since they will receive the baton of the nation’s leadership, National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) researcher Siti Zuhro stated.

“I think they should speak out. They have to start transforming the way of thinking,” Zuhro said in the discussion “Summarizing 2022, Welcoming 2023” here on Sunday.

She mentioned that young voters are predicted to account for 60 percent of the total voters in the  2024 general elections.

In welcoming the political year, she said young people need to embrace the presence of digital leadership, where they are expected to increase the literacy of the Indonesian people.

“With the digital culture, (young people) can increase literacy in this country, not just political literacy but insights,” she said.

She said Indonesia is bolstering to realize Golden Indonesia or Indonesia as an advanced country by 2045, in which many preconditions are necessary to be fulfilled.

“We want to compete with ASEAN countries, the Asia Pacific, and the global,” she stated.

With increasing literacy efforts led by the younger generation, the people’s sense of belonging to the Indonesian state and nation is expected to increase.

“The baby boomers are in the past because their way of thinking is outdated,” Zuhro explained.

According to BRIN, there are four pillars of digital literacy, namely security, skills, culture, and ethics.

Citing information from a government website, digital leadership is needed in the current digital transformation era to oversee dynamic change and utilize technology in various sectors, including the government sector. The presence of digital leaders can encourage the acceleration of transformation within an organization.

Digital leaders are expected to use digital assets to make quick and smart decisions. In addition, digital leaders must be able to innovate and collaborate with other organizational elements or stakeholders to find solutions.

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