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BRIN, UGM develop Biomedical Scaffold Research Collaboration Center

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) and Gadjah Mada University (UGM) collaborate to develop biomass and bioproduct-based Biomedical Scaffold Research Collaboration Center (PKR) for the advancement of research and innovation in health.

Collaboration through this PKR also accommodates cooperation to improve the quality and quantity of human resources in producing outputs, Head of BRIN’s Applied Zoology Research Center Evy Ayu Arida noted through a statement, Monday.

These outputs include publication, intellectual property, and capacity development, she remarked.

Arida expects that the Biomedical Scaffold PKR can be a reference point for researchers in similar field, both domestic and overseas.

The PKR is expected to be a reference for biomedical scaffold research and innovation in biomass and bioproduct-based tissue engineering beneficial for future regenerative therapy.

Head of BRIN’s Biomass and Bioproduct Research Center Akbar Hanif Dawam A expects that the Biomedical Scaffold PKR can be the leading center in biomedical scaffold research and development in Indonesia.

“This PKR became the first and only PKR with biomedical scaffold topic in Indonesia in accordance with the PKR funding scheme organized by BRIN,” he explained.

To this end, all researchers in Indonesia, with similar interests and fields, are expected to join the center to continue their works in biomedical scaffold research.

Biomedical Scaffold PKR is expected to produce research and innovation products related to biomedical scaffold by utilizing biomass and bioproduct to be downstreamed by the industry and become beneficial for the public.

PKR is a research funding scheme in BRIN. Universities-affiliated PKR became a platform for researchers and academicians between BRIN and universities.

In its implementation, PKR has a similar status as research center at BRIN, so it has access to research and innovation facilities and infrastructure that exist in BRIN.

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