Need to improve local food development to anticipate crisis: BRIN

Need to improve local food development to anticipate crisis: BRIN

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The development of local food needs to be increased to build food security and self-sufficiency as well as to anticipate a food crisis, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) has said.

“The development of local food in accordance with the characteristics of respective regions will become our strength to anticipate food crisis,” deputy of development policy at BRIN, Mego Pinandito, said at the “Challenges and Efforts for the Achievement of Food Security and Self-Sufficiency” webinar here on Monday.

To anticipate a food crisis, food security is vital for maintaining food sovereignty and self-sufficiency, he added. One way to achieve food security is to increase local food production.

Food sovereignty and self-sufficiency need to be strengthened by ending reliance on imported foods, namely by utilizing the diversity of biological resources, restoring local food diversity, and building agriculture-based industries in rural areas.

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According to him, the vast potential of local food resources and the high biodiversity in Indonesia can support the provision of diverse and quality food.

Pinandito said that there are five requisites for realizing food self-sufficiency, namely sufficient availability, stability of availability, affordability, good quality or food safety, and zero dependence on outsiders.

For this reason, policies are needed to increase production, including on diversification, availability, and ease of market access for local food commodities.

The diversification and development of local food must take into account foods that are sourced from regions with a touch of technology and innovation.

“Food self-sufficiency creates high resilience against developments and world economic turmoil,” he remarked.

He said that the threat of a food and energy crisis is a global issue that all countries, including Indonesia, will need to watch out for.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has issued a warning regarding the threat of a global food crisis that could result in a spike in the prices of energy, food, and fertilizers.

In the Mid-Term National Development Program (RPJMN) 2020–2024, Indonesia’s food security score target is 95.2. However, Indonesia’s food security score on the Global Food Security Index is 60.2, with the country ranking 63rd out of 113 countries.

“The global political conditions, which are full of changes, demand us not only to strive to achieve food security but realize food sovereignty. This global crisis must be utilized as momentum for Indonesia’s food sovereignty,” he remarked.

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