Lampung govt working with TPAKD to boost financial inclusion, literacy

Lampung govt working with TPAKD to boost financial inclusion, literacy

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Bandarlampung, Lampung (ANTARA) – The provincial government of Lampung is working to improve financial inclusion and literacy through the implementation of several programs in collaboration with the Regional Financial Access Acceleration Teams (TPAKDs).

“We must optimize various work programs, one of which is by improving financial inclusion and literacy by continuously synergizing with TPAKDs,” Lampung Governor Arinal Djunaidi said here on Saturday.

According to him, improving financial access is essential to develop the economic potential of regions and for the development of micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) players.

“In accelerating financial inclusion and literacy in regions, several acceleration programs have been carried out, namely financial inclusion villages, the implementation of the Successful Farmer Card (KPB), curation of MSMEs, and optimization of People’s Business Credit (KUR), which are carried out jointly with TPAKDs,” he said.

The financial inclusion village program has so far been implemented in nine villages, Djunaidi noted.

“This financial inclusion village (program) in Lampung province is a concrete form of our concern for the community to be able to revive the economy in villages,” he stated.

He further said that recently, a new financial inclusion village was inaugurated in West Tulang Bawang district to expand the knowledge of finance among the community.

The governor noted that all TPAKDs at the provincial, city, and district levels need to strengthen the presence of village-owned enterprises (BUMDes).

“The empowerment of BUMDes has been conducted, one of which is in the development of service innovations for motorized vehicle tax payments through E-Samdes,” he explained.

He said that the role of TPAKDs is needed to disseminate information, accelerate the implementation of the KPB program, and integrate KUR in Lampung province.

“For this reason, those programs are expected to boost financial literacy and inclusion through increasing knowledge about and use of banking services and other financial services,” he added.

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