Any misappropriation of alms funds to invite strict action: Baznas

Any misappropriation of alms funds to invite strict action: Baznas

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The National Alms Agency (Baznas) has emphasized that it will take firm action against any misappropriation of zakat (alms), infaq (voluntary charity), and sedekah (simple alms) funds within Baznas at the central and regional levels.

“Baznas is firm and will not tolerate any acts of misappropriation of funds,” deputy chairperson of the agency Mo Mahdum stressed here on Friday.

According to him, Baznas, as the national zakat operator and coordinator, has continued to improve the standardization of zakat management.

The relationship between central Baznas and the regional offices of Baznas is not structural, Mahdum noted. Each region manages funds independently; thus, the funds collected in the regions are managed directly by the regional Baznas offices.

“We always make the best efforts to maintain the public’s trust because it is the main key to making various Baznas programs a success for the welfare of the community,” he remarked.

Reflecting on the case of misappropriation of funds that occurred in South Bengkulu district three years ago, the agency said it is committed to continuing to make thorough improvements.

The deputy chairperson stressed that his agency will not provide legal protection to perpetrators of corruption or misappropriation of funds within Baznas across the country.

From the time the case came to light, Baznas has continued to coordinate with law enforcers. The South Bengkulu Office of Baznas has also discharged another suspect in a case that occurred in 2020.

“In order to avoid slander that case must be resolved thoroughly and transparently,” he stressed.

Baznas expressed the hope that the case in South Bengkulu would become a push to improve the agency’s credibility and transparency as an agency that manages zakat, infaq, and sedekah in Indonesia.

“We also hope the cases will not reduce the public’s trust in channeling zakat, infaq, and sedekah through Baznas,” Mahdum said.

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