Kimia Farma, SMEs Ministry join hands to improve MSMEs

Kimia Farma, SMEs Ministry join hands to improve MSMEs

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – State-run pharmaceutical  enterprise Kimia Farma has established cooperation with the Cooperatives and SMEs Ministry with the goal of encouraging the development of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

The cooperation has been undertaken to improve MSMEs and help them penetrate the global supply chain, Kimia Farma’s production and supply chain director, Andi Prazos, informed in a statement issued on Saturday.

The cooperation has been established through the MSMEs/SMEs Partnership with SOEs and Major Enterprises Forum.

The forum comprises 17 state-owned enterprises (SOEs) as well as major corporations.

Kimia Farma has also inducted four MSMEs under its guidance into the forum: Araya Healthy, Famila Herbal, CV Tri Utami Jaya, and CV Fragrande Kreasi Alami.

Further, almost 100 MSMEs have expressed their interest in consulting with Kimia Farma and entering the company’s supply chain.

Currently, Kimia Farma is helping 40 MSMEs develop their product marketing, Prazos informed adding, the majority of the MSMEs come from the health sector, specifically, they make herbal and spa products.

The partnership is a form of synergy between MSMEs and Kimia Farma so that MSMEs can grow and expand their market, he said.

To empower MSMEs, Kimia Farma also initiated an MSMEs Academy 3.0 program some time ago.

MSMEs Academy 3.0 is an assistance program that focuses on improving MSME competitiveness through the adoption of an intensive and sustainable managerial approach and with the help of professional MSMEs mentors.

The program is part of the company’s commitments, which align with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No. 8, namely providing decent jobs and improving the economy.

The MSMEs Academy program has been held since 2020, and over the past three years, it has managed to gather 120 mentee partners.

It has helped 16 MSMEs to improve their turnover improvement, strengthen production capacity, and legalize their businesses.

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