Aceh intensifies Gemarikan program to prevent stunting

Aceh intensifies Gemarikan program to prevent stunting

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Banda Aceh (ANTARA) – The Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Service (DKP) of Aceh province has continued to increase public awareness about the Gemarikan program, which aims to prevent childhood stunting by popularizing fish consumption in the region.

“The Gemarikan DKP team went to Pidie district to socialize the fish consumption movement,” DKP’s sub-coordinator for processing and marketing of fishery products (P2HP), Fitriani, informed in Banda Aceh on Tuesday.

The program is targeted to be carried out at 10 locations in 7 districts/cities of Aceh by the end of the year, she said. Before going to Pidie, the team finished the socialization of the program in Lhokseumawe and North Aceh.

“Until the end of 2022, our target is 10 locations from 7 regencies/cities. Then, we will continue to the remaining 16 regions throughout Aceh in 2023,” she informed.

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Fitriani said that the Gemarikan program was initiated by the government of Aceh in order to reduce childhood stunting rates and, at the same time, increase fish consumption in children.

“Fish is very good for body health and growth, especially for children and teenagers. By consuming fish, the nutritional needs will be fulfilled to prevent stunting,” she explained.

During each socialization exercise, the Gemarikan team distributes a number of processed fish food packages to targeted pregnant women, stunted toddlers, teenagers, and breastfeeding mothers.

Fitriani expressed the hope that all parties will pay attention to and increase the level of fish consumption in the region, especially in areas that are focusing on stunting reduction interventions.

“This effort must become our joint concern. With high consumption of fish, it can help to prevent and reduce stunting,” she added.

Based on the Indonesian nutritional status study (SSGI), the proportion of stunting cases in Aceh reached 33.2 percent in 2021. In 2022, the government included Aceh province among 11 other provinces as the region with the highest stunting cases.

Therefore, the Indonesian government is targeting to reduce the prevalence of stunting to 14 percent by 2024. 

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