Prevention of violence against children must begin from family: govt

Prevention of violence against children must begin from family: govt

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Tomohon, North Sulawesi (ANTARA) – The Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Ministry has said that the prevention of violence against children must begin from the family and the issue must not be ignored by anyone.

“The issue is internal cases in the family; it must be a concern that this is not only a family problem (but a problem for all of us),” Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Minister Bintang Puspayoga said in Tomohon City, North Sulawesi, on Saturday.

Reports of violence against children, especially in the household, have continued to increase dramatically from year to year, she noted. Currently, many cases have come to light through social media.

Data from the Online Information System for Women and Children (SIMFONI PPPA) for the January–August 2022 period have shown that based on the location of incidents of violence against children, specifically at the household level, the number of victims has reached 5,230.

SIMFONI PPPA reported that most of the perpetrators of violence against children during the period were those knowing the victims. They included 1,196 parents, 561 family members or relatives, and 78 husbands or wives.

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The minister said that such cases should not be considered solely as a domestic problem. If there is neglect in society, especially within the household itself, the violence will perpetuate itself.

Therefore, the ministry is currently promoting the “Dare to Speak Up” program to encourage people to step forward and report incidents of violence so that victims can get justice and there is a deterrent effect on perpetrators.

As for sexual violence handling, the ministry is pursuing coordination with law enforcement officials (APH) and the Attorney General’s Office to resolve cases and also encouraging extensive outreach on the Sexual Violence Law (UU-TPKS).

“We have to prevent and end these recurring cases from happening again,” she said.

To prevent violence from recurring, good assistance for mothers and fathers is needed so as to help them establish good teamwork and provide positive and optimal parenting, she added.

She said she expects that with the many cases that have been revealed, everyone would pay serious attention to families.

Each case must not only be handled quickly, but must also be resolved through well-developed collaboration between the relevant stakeholders. Improvement must be started from the beginning, which is through problem-solving.

“All relevant ministries and agencies, all institutions, (everyone) and religious leaders, must come together to push down the issue of violence that has been rife lately,” she added. 

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