BRIN, BMKG, Air Force modify weather to support G20 Summit

BRIN, BMKG, Air Force modify weather to support G20 Summit

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Jakarta (ANTARA) –  The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) is working with the Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) and the Indonesian Air Force to implement weather modification technology to prevent rain during the G20 Summit.

BRIN has been appointed to lead the operation with BMKG providing support for weather analysis and the air force for aircraft fleet, the agency’s head, Laksana Tri Handoko, informed in a statement issued on Tuesday.


G20 is a multilateral cooperation group that comprises 19 countries and the European Union (EU). Indonesia, which is holding the presidency of the grouping this year, is currently hosting the G20 Summit in Bali.


The weather modification technology is being utilized to anticipate the relatively high potential of rainfall in Bali in November 2022 to support the G20 Summit, which is taking place on November 15 and 16.


The weather modification technology operation has been prepared to anticipate rain that can disrupt and even lead to the cancellation of several outdoor events during the G20 Summit, Handoko explained.


A total of 22 personnel from BRIN’s Weather Modification Technology Management Laboratory have been chosen for the operation, with 17 personnel stationed at the Lombok Main Command Post and 5 at the Banyuwangi Command Post.

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The weather modification technology operation began on November 10, with the support of four aircraft from the Air Force.


Three Cassa aircraft units had been operating from the temporary command post at Ngurah Rai Air Force Base BaseOps Denpasar, Bali, since November 10.


They shifted to the main command post at the ZAM Air Force Base BasOps at Lombok International Airport on November 12.

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Moreover, one CN-295 aircraft plane has been prepared at Bayangan Command Post at Banyuwangi International Airport since November 12.


Meanwhile, BMKG is providing stationary radar data support from Lombok and Bali as well as operating one mobile radar unit placed at Banyuwangi Command Post.


BMKG will also deploy a number of weather observers for monitoring and reporting the weather conditions around Nusa Dua and GWK Cultural Park every hour to the TMC Command Post for the duration of the summit.

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