Vice President launches BAZNAS Scholarship in Egypt

Vice President launches BAZNAS Scholarship in Egypt

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – Vice President Ma’ruf Amin launched the third batch of the 2022 National Amil Zakat Agency (BAZNAS) Scholarship at Wisma Duta, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Cairo, Egypt, Saturday.

On that occasion, the Vice President emphasized that the key to achieve Golden Indonesia in 2045 as a more advanced and prosperous country was superior human resources who mastered science and technology.

“The President of the United Arab Emirates said that Indonesia has the potential to become a big country because we have abundant natural resources and a large population. I said, yes, we have it, but we need science and technology,” Amin said in a press statement received here, Sunday.

The UAE President’s statement showed that other countries actually recognized Indonesia’s great potential to become a developed country. However, the country still needed superior human resources who are able to process all the natural resources in the country.

“So Indonesia has great potential but we also have many weaknesses. Our human resources are not what we expected,” he added.

Therefore, the government continues to encourage Indonesian students, as the nation’s best assets, to seek for the best education at home and abroad. One of them is by continuing to launch various scholarships, including BAZNAS scholarships and the Education Fund Management Institute (LPDP).

“I entrust all students in Egypt to develop better thoughts, more updated, according to developments. And by saying bismillahirrahmanirrahim, the BAZNAS Al-Azhar Egypt and Middle East Scholarship for 2022 is officially launched,” Amin stated.

BAZNAS Chairman Noor Ahmad remarked that the launch of the BAZNAS Scholarship was aimed at 300 beneficiaries, namely 100 high school graduates or equivalent who had graduated at the Al-Azhar campus through the Ministry of Religious Affairs, 100 people who were studying at Al-Azhar in the second and fourth years, and 100 other students from campuses in other Middle Eastern countries.

“Egypt is one of the barometers of education in the Middle East with good quality education. We hope that the Indonesian students here will bring many benefits when they return to our country,” Ahmad conveyed.

According to him, the scholarship program is one of the BAZNAS’ efforts to create a superior generation in the future, in accordance with the spirit of BAZNAS to prosper the people through education.

If the scholarship is able to motivate beneficiaries to graduate on time, the institution will increase the number of scholarship recipients, Ahmad continued.

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