Expect MSMEs to offer hope amid looming recession: minister

Expect MSMEs to offer hope amid looming recession: minister

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Solo (ANTARA) – Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno has said that he expects micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to offer a ray of hope during the recession forecast for next year.

“I see that as one of the main tourist destinations, the impact of tourism on MSMEs is very high,” the minister noted after participating in a dialogue with creative economy players in Solo on Saturday.

Moreover, 63 percent of the national economy is supported by the MSME sector, he pointed out.

“So, I really hope that in 2023, if we talk about the risk for recession being like the darkness, the lamp or flashlight would be MSMEs. We hope that this can also be presented in Solo for the revival of our economy,” he remarked.

As for tourist visits, he asked all parties to make preparations. According to him, so far, many events have been held in Solo, which has had a good impact in terms of increasing tourist visits.

“The target for the number of domestic tourists travel is 1.4 billion next year. Mr. Pandjaitan (Maritime Affairs and Investment Minister) has just raised it. I first saw that this year’s figure was revised twice. What initially was 650 million became 770 million, and now, it has crossed 800 million for foreign tourist travel,” he informed.

Of the total tourists, 80 percent used land transportation, 10 percent sea transportation, and 10 percent air transportation, he noted.

“Solo can be reached by land transportation. Thus, Solo needs a new, innovative, and educational destination. Thank you, Mr. Mayor (Surakarta Mayor Gibran Rakabuming Raka) for supporting the destinations for the revival of our tourism so that our tourism can increasingly support the economy and welfare of the people,” the minister said.

The possibility of introducing direct international flights from and to Solo will be pursued in the near future, he added.

“I asked the mayor if there were direct flights, because during the ASEAN Para Games, there were direct flights, but after the event, they stopped,” he said.

He informed that he will contact international airlines to put Solo on their international direct flight routes.

“Like Air Asia, Malaysia Air, have conveyed its intent. With excellent interconnectivity, there are many areas in the western part of East Java whose entrance is Solo,” Uno said.

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