Bangka Belitung offers college scholarships to high school graduates

Bangka Belitung offers college scholarships to high school graduates

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Bangka Belitung Islands (ANTARA) – Looking to improve the quality of human resources in the region, the Bangka Belitung Islands provincial government is offering scholarships for high school/vocational high school graduates to pursue higher education.

“Currently, the participation of children aged 19 years and above in higher education is still low,” Acting Governor of Bangka Belitung Islands Ridwan Djamaluddin said here on Friday.

In Bangka Belitung Islands, the percentage of persons who have graduated from high school, vocational high school, or equivalent level and are pursuing higher education is only 15.52 percent—the lowest in Indonesia, he noted.

“Only 15 thousand out of 1 million persons aged 19 and above continue their education in universities in the province and outside the region, and this is still low,” Djamaluddin said.

Therefore, to increase the number of high school graduates studying at the higher education level, the provincial government is striving to increase the provision of scholarships to students from underprivileged families, he added.

In addition, the provincial government is collaborating with 15 universities in the region to encourage the community to pursue higher education.

“Why does the Bangka Belitung Islands have the lowest participation rate (population pursuing higher education) nationally? Don’t let this condition keep happening, that we lack good and smart people,” the acting governor said.

Moreover, the most important thing to develop the province is quality and competitive human resources, he added.

“We continue to coordinate with the district and city governments to find the cause and find a solution. For example, (if a high school graduate) does not have the money, we will find a scholarship, or, if (they) have not passed the (college entrance) exam, it means that we have to assist by offering mentoring,” he informed.

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