KOI inks MoU with Hungarian NOC to improve sports achievements

KOI inks MoU with Hungarian NOC to improve sports achievements

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) officially established cooperation with the Hungarian National Olympic Committee (NOC) as one of the efforts to develop and improve sports achievements in both nations.

The agreement was realized at the end of October since KOI first explored cooperation with the Hungarian NOC at the start of 2022. The agreement was officially inked through the signing of the MoU in Seoul, South Korea.

“Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God), KOI officially added another (form of) cooperation that has been signed through this MoU,” Head of KOI Raja Sapta Oktohari noted through a press statement on Wednesday.

“We expect that with this MoU, Indonesia’s sport achievements can globalize further,” he stated.

The commitment between KOI and the Hungarian NOC comes in the form of an agreement to encourage athlete training exchange coaching between the two countries’ national federation in relation to competition and training bilateral and multilateral participation.

This exchange is not only limited to athletes, he stated.

It can also be used to develop the quality of officials, trainers, ITOs, sport expert staffs, and sport scientists keen to participate in a seminar or training that can improve the quality of sports of the two countries.

“Hungary has an amazing achievement in the five sports branches of swimming, water polo, canoe, fencing, and wrestling. These five sports branches are medal-winning staples in the Olympics,” he highlighted.

“We can learn from them, and KO opens the door, so that this legal umbrella can be optimally utilized by the national federation,” he added.

The Hungarian NOC seeks to learn from Indonesia in the three sports branches of badminton, sport climbing, and surfing. This cooperation is in effect from October 2022 to December 2022.

This two-way cooperation is expected to support the Indonesia Olympic Champions Program to increase the number of Indonesian athletes that pass the Olympic qualification for the short term, Oktohari noted.

Meanwhile, for the long term, it is expected to support the acceleration of the Grand Design of National Sport (DBON) that the government set as a road map to the Olympics top five in 2045.

In addition to the Hungarian NOC, the KOI had earlier established cooperation with the Qatar NOC and several international federations, such as the International Judo Federation (IJK) and International Swimming Federation (FINA). 

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