Ministry prepares job skills through 2022 Vocational Training Festival

Ministry prepares job skills through 2022 Vocational Training Festival

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The government continues to prepare Indonesians for having job skills by holding a Vocational Training Festival from October 28 to 30, 2022, according to Manpower Minister Ida Fauziyah.

“The public enthusiasm (about the event) shows that people want to see for themselves, how the government is ready to prepare competencies for the citizens,” she said at the 2022 Vocational Training Festival here on Sunday.

More than 100 thousand visitors have come to the 2022 National Vocational Training Festival and Job Fair, which was hosted at the Jakarta Convention Center, she said.

Among those coming to the event were graduates of vocational education and training, students, instructors, lecturers and teachers, practitioners, professional associations or industry associations, observers of vocational education and vocational training, and the general public.

The government is ready to help people who either learn new skills, and need upskilling or reskilling, she said, adding that there were around 21,000 job vacancies for workers. Moreover, 172 companies directly came to participate in the job fair.

The purpose of this event is to bring together job seekers with job providers directly, so that it was expected that they can establish good two-way communication and develop a work ecosystem that is comfortable for both parties, in addition to using the SIAPKerja, the ministry’s initiated digital application to assist job seekers.

Moreover, it aims to address companies’ complaints about their difficulty in finding workers with digital competences.

“There, (the segments are available, like) either they need the opportunity to conduct training or (if) they already have training but need competency certification, or whether they need a job opportunity, in SIAPKerja (app), those are available,” the minister remarked.

Minister Fauziyah further explained that the 2022 Vocational Training Festival is hosted in October by considering the needs of fresh graduates from universities or high schools, vocational schools, and its equivalent.

The event organizer also consider the needs of groups of people who do not go to college but have yet to get jobs, so that it may help them find jobs that aligns with their competencies.

“So it’s good month to upgrade the (competency), (which) can be done through skilling; or for those who are already working in the industry and need up-skilling or re-skilling,” she added again.

The ministry will continue to strive for innovation, in response to automation and digitization.

Therefore, she expected that the people at large could participate in the event in accordance with their needs. “So we want to compel the public (convince them) that we are ready to face digitalization. You can see for yourself, the innovations that we do at this vocational training festival,” she said.

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