Indonesia needs 17 mln technologically literate workers: Minister

Indonesia needs 17 mln technologically literate workers: Minister

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesia would need 17 million technologically literate workers, or workers who are able to use and manage technology, State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Minister Erick Thohir said here on Sunday.

“The country needs the younger generation to develop a knowledge-based economy so that many innovations that Indonesia needs to compete with other countries will be created,” Thohir¬†remarked.

He said, SOEs continue to encourage the younger generation to hone their creative talents, as Indonesia’s digital economy will grow to Rp4,500 trillion by 2030, contributing 30 percent to Southeast Asia’s economy.

“You have to prepare yourself because 2030 is eight years away. The younger generation must develop innovation because it will be a strength in the future to compete,” he added.

Therefore, he asked university students to not stop developing their potential in the digital sector so that Indonesia’s digital ecosystem will keep thriving.

“If you are still playing foreign-made games now, then there must be local games that attract the interest of our own people. Do not let our people be taken advantage of by others. Let’s be local creators, as well as lovers of local products so that the ecosystem grows,” the minister stated.

The SOEs are committed to supporting the development of the digital ecosystem, he emphasized, and specific duties are given to state-run telecommunications company Telkom and cellular operator and wireless network provider Telkomsel so that they did not overlap.

“If Telkom is assigned to B-to-B (Business to Business) affairs and digital infrastructure, such as cloud data, and fiber optic, then Telkomsel handles B to C (Business to Consumer) by building content such as health, fintech, and others. So you young people must take advantage of what the government is preparing for the future,” Thohir said.

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