Govt seeks to ensure proper handling of floods, landslides in Bogor

Govt seeks to ensure proper handling of floods, landslides in Bogor

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Kota Bogor (ANTARA) – Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy, and representatives of the four ministries under his ministry visited a landslide site in Kebon Jahe village, Central Bogor, West Java, to ensure proper disaster handling.

He said that coordination between ministries was carried out directly at the location as part of the implementation of disaster mitigation efforts.

“For a disaster like this, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Health, and the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) participate to handle the impact. The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) also tags along related to the infrastructure recovery. I hope under the Bogor Mayor’s command, everything will be finished quickly,” he said in Bogor on Saturday.

The site visited by the minister was hit by a landslide, which was followed by floods since the area is flanked by the Cisadane and Cidepit rivers.

The landslide that occurred on October 12, 2022, claimed four lives and left four people injured.

According to head of the Bogor City Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD), Theofilo Patrocinio Freitas, the evacuation process took five days on account of the landslide material, which comprised large chunks of hard soil and rocks.

In addition, puddles of water did not dry up for three days due to moderate to heavy rains that continued to pour after the landslide occurred and disrupted the evacuation process.

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Minister Effendy said that based on the mapping of several flood and landslide-prone sites by the Bogor city government, residents living in such areas will need to be relocated.

Some residents must be relocated since their neighborhood is prone to landslides, he said. The Bogor city government has prepared land for relocation using funds allocated by the city government, West Java provincial government, and the PUPR Ministry.

Residents will receive assistance of Rp500 thousand to rent a temporary residence. In addition, the costs incurred during evacuation will be borne by the city government, the West Java provincial government, and the central government.

Moreover, families of victims who died in the landslide will also receive assistance from the central and regional governments.

Effendy said that the central government will assist the Bogor city government during the disaster emergency alert status, which has been imposed until December 2022.

“During that time (disaster emergency alert), the central government will help to provide assistance,” he emphasized.

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