Independent Teaching platform reaches teachers in outermost regions

Independent Teaching platform reaches teachers in outermost regions

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology stated that the Merdeka Mengajar (Independent Teaching) platform had reached teachers located in underdeveloped, frontier, and outermost (3T) regions.

“Not only teachers in big cities and regions whose network infrastructure is already well-established, but we are also proud to see the enthusiasm of teachers in the 3T regions to maximize the features of the Independent Teaching platform,” the ministry’s Head of Data and Information Center, Hasan Chabibie, noted here on Monday.

The Independent Teaching platform was launched along with the Independent Curriculum in early 2022 and has helped over 1.8 million teachers to continue learning and working and help enhance their teaching methods.

Products on the Independent Platform are offered to facilitate teachers in applying a new-fangled paradigm of learning, both through the provision of teaching references and competency improvement.

“Based on our monitoring, in 3T regions in Indonesia, currently, there are 100 thousand accounts activated, 29 thousand teachers have accessed the Independent Teaching platform, and as many as 20 thousand teachers are actively using five main menus on the Independent Teaching platform,” Chabibie explained.

The ministry commends teachers, who relentlessly make efforts and are enthusiastic about making the most of the Independent Teaching platform.

“We were aware of the challenges from the start, so from a technology perspective, the Independent Teaching application has been designed to be lighter (to be operated) than similar applications. Thus, it is hoped that every teacher with various types of smartphones can download and operate the Independent Teaching platform more easily,” he remarked.

The ministry’s Acting Director General of Teachers and Educational Workers Nunuk Suryani stated that back then, teachers were increasingly dependent on official training and activities held by the central government to learn.

“Currently, the Independent Teaching platform lets teachers learn and exercise independently, so that it becomes an effective solution to overcome the challenge of distance and time,” Suryani noted.

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