G20 Summit: Indonesian govt finalizing security arrangements

G20 Summit: Indonesian govt finalizing security arrangements

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Indonesian Government is continuing to finalize various aspects of security arrangements ahead of the G20 Summit in Bali, which will be organized under the Indonesian G20 Presidency in November 2022.

“Security arrangements have been readied in various aspects, including cybersecurity, strict monitoring at Bali’s entry and exit points, and natural disaster mitigation,” State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Spokesperson Wawan Hari Purwanto informed in a statement issued here on Saturday.

Despite the extensive security arrangements and vigilance, security officers will remain friendly to locals, he affirmed.

According to Purwanto, the G20 Summit security preparations are needed to provide security to and ensure the comfort of delegates and as a preventive measure against possible threats.

The police will deploy more than eight thousand personnel to secure the summit and related events in Bali, he noted.

Meanwhile, the chief of Bali Police, Inspector General Jayan Danu Putra, said that officers from Bali Police and the Police Headquarters will work together to secure the summit.

The military will deploy six thousand personnel to assist the police in securing G20 activities in the island province, IX/Udayana Military Commander Major General Sonny Aprianto confirmed.

“Some two thousand personnel will be deployed to anticipate natural disasters,” he said.

G20 security must be ensured to maintain Indonesia’s image among the global community, and all parties must synergize to protect Indonesia from all threats that could potentially harm the nation’s positive image, Aprianto added.

Moreover, Director General of Information and Public Communication at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics Usman Kansong said that meetings and on-site monitoring are constantly being held by President Joko Widodo and ministry officials.

“Routine meetings are being organized to (provide) update (on) the progress of telecommunications infrastructure development, which is the ministry’s task,” Kansong informed. 

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