Governor warns E Java residents of hydrometeorological disaster risk

Governor warns E Java residents of hydrometeorological disaster risk

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Surabaya, East Java (ANTARA) – East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa has urged residents to remain alert against the impact of extreme weather and hydrometeorological phenomena.

“We hope that the public and regional government will be vigilant and take mitigation measures,” the governor said in Surabaya on Friday.

The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency, Juanda Sidoarjo, has predicted the risk of extreme weather in some places in East Java on account of the La Nina phenomenon.

Some disasters caused by extreme weather that people need to keep an eye out for include tornadoes, strong winds, floods, and landslides, the agency said.

It further informed that areas on the southern coast of East Java are at risk of experiencing hydrometeorological disasters, such as Trenggalek, Tulungagung, Ponorogo, Pacitan, Malang, and Batu.

Such disasters may also occur in the Tapal Kuda area, including Banyuwangi, Jember, Situbondo, Bondowoso, Pasuruan, and Probolinggo.

The governor said that her administration has coordinated with some stakeholders to implement mitigation measures to anticipate the impacts of a potential disaster.

“Coordination is being pursued to minimize the risk of damage or loss that can result in fatalities,” she added.

The governor assured that the East Java Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency has mapped flood- and landslide-prone points.

“We urge for drainage to be prepared for the disposal of rainwater so that it flows to the river smoothly,” Parawansa added.

She said that coordination between the central and Juanda Sidoarjo branches of the Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency regarding updates on extreme weather conditions would continue.

Mitigation measures are necessary, particularly in large rivers, which face the risk of overflowing and causing flooding, Governor Parawansa added.

The seven watersheds in question include the Bengawan Solo River, Welang Rejoso River, Brantas River, Madura River, Pekalen Sampean River, Bondoyudo Bedadung, River and Baru Bajulmati River.

“In those seven watersheds, an early warning system has been installed. Everyone, please take care of this early warning system equipment for our common good,” she said. 

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