Digital literacy program maintains democracy in digital space: Gov't

Digital literacy program maintains democracy in digital space: Gov’t

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Communication and Informatics Ministry continues to conduct activities to improve digital literacy to maintain democracy in the digital space as the 2024 General Election draws near.

Since 2020, the ministry has implemented digital literacy programs in accordance with President Jokowi’s instruction, Director General of Information and Public Communication at the ministry noted through a statement, Wednesday.

This digital literacy program is undertaken to maintain the digital space and educate the people to utilize it optimally and improve democratic participation, he explained.

Digital space is believed to be one of the arenas for the campaign as the 2024 General Election approaches.

Candidates, who will participate in the election, will use the digital space to draw attention and form public opinions.

Kansong expressed concern that political conversations that occurred in the digital space can cause social polarization.

“The elites and political parties should make the digital space an arena for political education,” he remarked.

The ministry emphasized that digital literacy was based on the four basic skills: digital skills, digital ethic, digital culture, and digital security.

With digital skills, the public is expected to be more adept at using the digital platform.

In terms of the second focus, digital ethics, the ministry deems the aspect as being important, given that Indonesia’s internet users are known as impolite social media users some time ago.

Digital literacy is an important activity to keep the digital space in Indonesia democratic.

To this end, the ministry urged the people to use social media with the nation’s unity as the main consideration, which is why digital culture comes into play.

“The Pancasila ideology and 1945 Constitution serves as our local wisdom, as our foundation, so that we remain united, not socially polarized,” Kansong remarked.

In connection with digital security, the ministry educates the people on how to use social media in a safe manner that will not cause a potential lawsuit in future.

“We cannot let that message potentially cause distress and disturb public order, especially if it contains negative content, such as radicalism, terrorism, or content that ruins the nation’s unity,” he said.

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