PT PP, South Korean firm to develop smart city in Nusantara

PT PP, South Korean firm to develop smart city in Nusantara

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – State-owned construction and investment enterprise PT PP (Persero) Tbk has agreed to cooperate with a South Korean company to implement a smart city project in Nusantara, Indonesia’s new national capital (IKN), in East Kalimantan.

The cooperation between the two companies will ensure the best synergy between the construction and information technology sectors to provide smart city solutions in Nusantara, PT PP’s (Persero) Building Operation Director Anton Satyo Hendriatmo observed.

“The two companies will continue to review from various aspects as a follow-up on cooperation plan execution in developing a smart city in Nusantara IKN,” he said in a statement issued on Saturday.

The development of Nusantara is currently on, and the city is based on the concept of a modern smart city.

The intelligent city concept, as an extension of the smart city concept, will drive the city’s modernization through the use of technology.

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The government is implementing the intelligent city concept in Nusantara to put it on par with other capital cities promoting a similar concept.

Moreover, the implementation is also expected to serve as an example for other cities in Indonesia on developing the intelligent city concept to improve the quality of resources and preserve the environment.

According to Hendriatmo, PT PP is one of the state-owned enterprises (SOEs) engaged in construction and investment that has been integrated with supporting industry.

Moreover, as a company that has expertise and experience in construction, property, procurement, infrastructure, and energy within the country and abroad, PT PP is ready to collaborate with LG CNS in implementing a smart city project in Nusantara.

“We expect that this memorandum of understanding inking is a good step so that this cooperation can, in the future, be better implemented and can be described in the form of a cooperation agreement,” he remarked. 

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