Minister agrees on counselors' involvement in stunting reduction

Minister agrees on counselors’ involvement in stunting reduction

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas stated that the involvement of religious instructors in the national program to accelerate stunting reduction and to address issues related to family resilience and health was the right step.

“Religious instructors can take the role of preparing stunting materials in every sermon and lecture to offer understanding to the public related to health issues, especially stunting,” he stated in Jakarta, Thursday.

This was conveyed by Qoumas in the National Halaqah of the Involvement of Religious Counselors, Dai, and Daiyah to support the acceleration of stunting reduction as well as the launch of a website-based religious extension application at the Vice President’s Palace.

The minister noted that religion ordered not to pass down the weak generation and to work towards preparing the best generation, specifically the superior generation.

“For this reason, this activity is an inseparable variable in the preparation of future leaders of the country,” he stated.

According to Qoumas, the narrative directly spoken by the Prophet Muhammad that a strong believer is better and more loved by God than a weak believer was built to make people aware of the importance of preventing stunting.

One of the efforts to become a believer, who is loved by God, is to grow optimally, both physically and mentally.

“Building that narrative is not easy, and it takes people, who are sincere in serving religion as well as humanity. It also takes creativity as well as sacrifice. I think that mentality is contained in all religious counselors,” he added.

The minister noted that the event was in line with the work program of his ministry that will continue to strengthen the role of religious instructors in the community.

The ministry also continues to improve the quality of community guidance with dai and daiyah. Along with religious instructors and preachers, the ministry strives to create a healthy and prosperous society both physically and mentally.

“Religious counselors, dai, and daiyah can be seen in every level of society. Their voices are heard and can influence the understanding of how the community behaves. Providing understanding regarding stunting through religious language is certainly a strength that dai and daiyah must take on,” Qoumas suggested.

Meanwhile, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin said stunting and its prevention can be included in the lecture materials of dai and daiyah.

“I think their role is very vital because they are present directly in the community. Their sermons and lectures can become an effective educational media to deliver messages of kindness to the people, including education on the dangers of stunting and how to prevent it,” Amin stated.

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