BKKBN pursues foster dad program to prevent childhood stunting

BKKBN pursues foster dad program to prevent childhood stunting

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) is pursuing stunting prevention by promoting the Foster Dad for Stunted Children Program (BAAS) in collaboration with military commands, the agency’s head, Hasto Wardoyo, said.

“This is a relatively new program so that people of all ranks—and of course, also encouraging the private entities—to be able to conduct social responsibility to families at high risk of stunting,” he informed here on Monday.

The program’s objectives include providing food assistance for families at high risk of stunting in order to fulfill their nutritional needs.

The BKKBN has also partnered with the National Defense Forces for long to provide stunting prevention services.

The services have included a marathon initiative for stunting prevention as the National Defense Force’s anniversary, which falls on October 5, 2022, draws near.

“Towards the National Defense Force’s birthday on October 5, we are holding a marathonic initiative throughout Indonesia to provide services with the theme of preventing stunting,” he elaborated.

Later on, there will be 34 BKKBN representative offices spread across provinces, whose officials will assist families at risk of stunting by going to their homes in person, Wardoyo added, according to a statement posted on the stunting.go.id website.

He will monitor each representative office directly online as well as provide directions to the families visited.

Vice President Ma’ruf Amin, who is also the head of the Stunting Reduction Acceleration Team, has repeatedly stressed that the target of bringing down the stunting prevalence rate to 14 percent by 2024 must be achieved. 

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