Jakarta government promises to revoke regulation on demolition

Jakarta government promises to revoke regulation on demolition

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The gubernatorial regulation will be revoked before October 16. 

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Jakarta provincial government has promised to revoke a gubernatorial regulation on demolition before Governor Anies Baswedan and Vice Governor Ahmad Riza Patria’s term of office ends on October 16, 2022.


“The gubernatorial regulation will be revoked before October 16,” Patria informed during a meeting with demonstrators from the Coalition of People Rejecting Demolition (KRMP) at Jakarta City Hall here on Friday.


The demonstrators had earlier planned to meet Baswedan to seek clarification about Gubernatorial Regulation No. 207 of 2016 on controlling the use of land without prior consent from its owners.


Patria said Baswedan was out of office.


“Mr. Governor is out of office. I will pass it (the demonstrators’ demand) on to him,” he added.

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Patria is scheduled to meet five representatives of the demonstrators on Monday (October 3).


The demonstrators staged a rally outside City Hall to seek clarification on the gubernatorial regulation.


“We are awaiting the governor’s commitment, to revoke it or not. If an acting governor leads Jakarta, (we don’t know) how wide is his authority?” a demonstrator asked the vice governor.


Patria said the acting governor will have the same authority as the definitive governor.

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“It is true the authority of an acting governor is different from that of a definitive governor in the event of normal regional head elections. But this time, there is no simultaneous regional head election so the acting governor has the same authority as the definitive governor,” he explained.


According to KMRP, the gubernatorial regulation violates seven things, including human rights and residents’ Constitutional rights.


Earlier, Baswedan had said that the regulation is still being processed at the Home Affairs Ministry. “To be sure, it will be revoked,” he said on August 29.

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