WTD momentum to rethink tourism's future: minister

WTD momentum to rethink tourism’s future: minister

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Badung, Bali (ANTARA) – The 2022 World Tourism Day (WTD) commemoration in Nusa Dua, Badung, Bali, has become a momentum to rethink the condition and future of tourism in the world, Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno said.

This would align with the theme of the 42nd WTD commemoration attended by a number of tourism ministers, ministerial-level officials, as well as stakeholders from the tourism sector from several countries, namely “Rethinking Tourism.”

The theme is expected to inspire discussions on what kind of tourism people want in the future, Uno said during the WTD press conference here on Tuesday.

The theme is also expected to spark discussions on how tourism affects human prosperity and how tourism plays a role in development.

World Tourism Day has also provided an opportunity to discuss the impacts of tourism in terms of plastic waste, renewable energy, and the utilization of eco-friendly, quality, and sustainable tourism policies.

Thus, the WTD has offered a collective space for stakeholders across the world to rethink tourism as an important pillar for development and advancement, Uno remarked.

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WTD activities will include multistakeholder discussion panels on “Rethinking Tourism” as a key element for post-pandemic tourism recovery.

According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the commemoration of World Tourism Day in Bali had the most delegates in attendance, he added.

He said that the large number of participants could be attributed to the venue, that is, Bali. He also lauded delegates who attended the event.

Earlier on Sunday, the minister said that Indonesia will utilize the momentum of hosting the 42nd World Tourism Day commemoration to push the quality and sustainable development and tourism agenda. 

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