UI students build Indonesia's first telephysiotheraphy app FisioMotion

UI students build Indonesia’s first telephysiotheraphy app FisioMotion

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Depok, West Java (ANTARA) – The University of Indonesia (UI) students create FisioMotion, the first telephysiotheraphy app in Indonesia that assists patients seeking physiotherapy to exercise independently, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI)-based machine learning.

A FisioMotion team member and student of the UI Faculty of Computer Science, Darren Ngoh, said here on Sunday that health problems must be  solved with current technological advances.

Ngoh explained, the FisioMotion app assists physiotherapists at clinics and hospitals by letting them validate whether the patient’s movements are right or wrong online.

“We try to apply AI to validate the patient’s movements without having to go to the clinic,” he said, adding, users will also get real-time feedback.

He also said that the inspiration for creating this app was the limited mobilization because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “The mobilization of patients seeking physiotherapy was very difficult,” he said.

FisioMotion is also designed to be user-friendly. In the app, patients can see their exercise schedule, then, they can perform the exercises by turning on the camera. The app will point out the incorrect movements.

Ngoh expressed hope that the FisioMotion app can reduce queues on on-site therapy and help more patients to recover.

He explained, in one day, a physiotherapist can only assist 6-10 patients. However, with the help of the FisioMotion, a physiotherapist can monitor up to 20-25 patients per day.

Thanks to this application, the University of Indonesia (UI) students won the People’s Choice Award at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Medical Grand Challenge 2022.

The FisioMotion app is a collaborative work of UI students across faculties, starting from the Faculty of Computer Science, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, and the vocational education program.

The team members who created FisioMotion are Darren Ngoh, Indri Klarissa Ramadhanti, Rio Fernando Alexander, Muhammad Mikail Athif Zhafir, and Alifia Azzahra Putri Satrio.

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