Thousands watch closing of cultural event Rang Solok Baralek Gadang

Thousands watch closing of cultural event Rang Solok Baralek Gadang

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Solok, West Sumatra (ANTARA) – Thousands of people witnessed the closing of cultural events series “Rang Solok Baralek Gadang” (RSBG) held by the Solok City Government, West Sumatra, on September 22-25, 2022.

RSBG Committee Chairman Jefrizal explained here on Sunday that the RSBG was closed with a cultural parade, eat baronjin, a local meal, and dance performances.

Jefrizal explained that from the first day until the closing, the number of participants per day reached around five thousand people.

“That means that for four consecutive days, the number of visitors reached tens of thousands of people who watch the Rang Solok Baralek Gadang,” he said.

Some of the events in the RSBG series were cycling event and several traditional children’s games such as nagari basilumuh, batuang gilo, urang-urang sawah, as well as an international kites workshop, silek martial arts festival, pasa kopi, and other art displays.

Jefrizal expected that the RSBG series can be developed further as an effort to introduce local wisdom and support the local economic recovery.

Meanwhile, Head of the Solok City Tourism Office Elvi Basri said the activity also offered a culinary bazaar that presented micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) from Solok City and the surrounding areas.

Furthermore, a kites festival, part of the RSBG, was attended by international participants from Japan, Malaysia, Poland,  Singapore, and Sweden.

“Other (participants) from other provinces also take part in the kites festival, such as those of Bogor, Kalimantan, Jakarta, West Java, Jambi, and Riau,” Basri said.

One of the street hawkers, Marlis (40), who sold bottled drinks and snacks, admitted that his sales had increased since the first day of the event.

“Alhamdulillah (Thank God), this event brings blessings to our trade today,” Marlis said.

Meanwhile, the opening of Rang Solok Baralek Gadang began with the Batulak Bala ritual, where people offer prayers for their crops to be safe from pest diseases, thus having abundant harvests.

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