Multi-utility tunnel network to be developed in new capital Nusantara

Multi-utility tunnel network to be developed in new capital Nusantara

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We will develop a multi-utility tunnel or MUT

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The New Capital Nusantara Infrastructure Development Task Force confirmed that a multi-utility tunnel (MUT) network will be developed in the new capital.

The task force’s Area Arrangement Department Head, Didiet Arief Akhdiat, remarked that with the MUT network, there would be no overhead electric cables hanging on utility poles in the new capital.

“We will develop a multi-utility tunnel or MUT. Various utility functions, from clean water network, optic fiber cable, and electric cables, will be integrated into the MUT,” Akhdiat stated in an online seminar observed here, Saturday.

Akhdiat remarked that the task force had devised several plans for the multi-utility tunnel design.

Integration of various utility functions in the tunnel will allow easy maintenance, as the tunnel network will be monitored from a control room that could detect damages or leaks in the system, the department head remarked.

Engineers conducting maintenance or repair work on the utility system could simply enter the tunnel to access the network section where work is required, he remarked.

According to the new capital masterplan, as per Appendix II of Law No. 3 of 2022 on the New Capital, the new capital will be developed by combining three urban concepts of forest city, sponge city, and smart city.

The development of Nusantara will prioritize nature, technology, and environmental sustainability. The new capital planning is also conducted through sustainable means to balance natural ecology, developed community, and a harmonious social system.

The new capital is also developed by considering possible risks to the city, including the effects of urbanization and extreme weather, which could cause natural disasters and loss of water supply.

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