Citizen has equal right to run for president candidate: Politician

Citizen has equal right to run for president candidate: Politician

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Every Indonesian citizen, either Javanese or non-Javanese, has the same right to run for president.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesian law does not discriminate the presidential candidates on the basis of their region of origin, the chief of the Golkar Party’s expert council, Agung Laksono, has said.

“Every Indonesian citizen, either Javanese or non-Javanese, has the same right to run for president candidate,” he said in a written statement received in Jakarta on Saturday.

He also appealed to the entire community, particularly the political elites, to refrain from indulging in particular identity politics.

The dichotomy between Javanese and non-Javanese groups is not a good political example, he said.

Laksono added every participant must respect the diversity and strengthen the Unitary Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

“The Java, non-Java dichotomy is usually used as a campaign strategy to get votes since the number of voters in Java is very large,” he noted.

According to Laksono, people now judge presidential candidates based on other factors, including their credibility and capability based on their track record.

Factors such as honesty, modesty, and siding with people, particularly ordinary people, are the most important factors.

In addition, the law also does not discriminate against presidential and vice presidential candidates in terms of ethnicity.

Instead, the law pushes for selecting a leader with the best qualities, including being highly committed and consistent in struggling for national interests in terms of national development and international competition.

“Of course, this poses a challenge to future democracy as part of the same rights and space for Indonesian citizens to contest for Indonesian leader,” he said.

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