Religious adherents should partake in nation-building process: Amin

Religious adherents should partake in nation-building process: Amin

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I hope that all religious adherents contribute and participate in the country’s development process

Pontianak (ANTARA) – Vice President Ma’ruf Amin encouraged believers of all faiths, including Confucians, to participate in developing Indonesia.

“I hope that all religious adherents contribute and participate in the country’s development process. Religious organizations can be a driving force for the community’s economy, especially Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs),” Vice President Ma’ruf Amin stated at the commemoration of the 2,573rd National Birthday Anniversary of  Confucian’s prophet Kong Zi at the Pontianak Convention District here on Thursday.

The commemoration was held by the Indonesian Confucian High Council (Matakin) and attended by Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy, West Kalimantan Governor Sutarmidji, General Chairperson of the Council of Clergy/Central Management of the Confucian High Council (MATAKIN) Xueshi Budi Santoso Tanuwibowo, and other related officials.

The same was also followed in other sectors, such as sociocultural, health, education, and the environment. All religious-based community organizations can support the government’s work to encourage progress and improvement of Indonesian human resources in all fields, so that Indonesia can recover faster and rise stronger,” the vice president remarked.

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Amin accentuated the crucial role of ulamas and religious leaders in economic recovery.

“Apart from building human beings with noble character in accordance with the teachings of their respective holy books, religious leaders are also expected to be able to generate optimism and motivate the nation’s citizens to remain productive and fight,” the vice president affirmed.

“I hope Matakin would become more advanced and stronger in protecting Confucians while continuing to build and foster solid brotherhood in the midst of Indonesia’s pluralism,” the vice president stated.

He also highlighted that the Indonesian people had advanced, so currently, the government was contemplating on ways to make Indonesia advanced despite being faced with global challenges that are no less complicated.

“However, whatever challenges we face, one thing is certain is that all of our work to improve the progress and prosperity of this country rests on peace and stability,” the vice president stated.

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He also reminded that maintaining harmony and brotherhood is a shared task.

“We must not become careless about potential conflicts that will only harm and cause us to experience setbacks,” the vice president stated.

On every 27th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar, Confucians celebrate the birthday of  Kong Zi, who died in the year 479 BC.

Its teachings are called the Ru religion (Ru-jiao), or in Indonesia, it is called the Confucian religion. 

Kong Zi, whose name was Kong Qiu alias Zhong Ni, was the son of the officer Kong Shu Liang He and the mother of Yan Zheng Zai, who was not a court noble.

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