West Kalimantan residents urged to remain alert against radicalism

West Kalimantan residents urged to remain alert against radicalism

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Pontianak, West Kalimantan (ANTARA) – Head of the West Kalimantan State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Brigadier General Rudi Tranggono has urged residents to remain alert against right-wing radical groups seeking to change the Pancasila ideology.

“These groups are growing in several regions in West Kalimantan, which are remnants of the government’s policy to ban organizations that are not based on Pancasila,” he noted here on Saturday.

Right-wing radical groups or organizations aim to develop alternative forms of government such as a caliphate state, he said.

“While this ideology is forbidden, our monitoring results still found small groups such as these, though they are sporadic,” he informed.

As a result, the agency is continuing to urge people in West Kalimantan to think critically since the nation cannot be built by a single group.

Indonesia, as a country with many tribes and cultures, believes in Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, or Unity in Diversity, hence it cannot just be brought under a single group, Tranggono said.

To prevent this, the agency is working with related institutions while continuing to monitor radical right-wing groups’ activities. If there are violations, then law enforcement agencies will take action, he added.

“If they can still be guided, then they can be guided by other related institutions, such as the FKUB (Inter-Religious Communication Forum),” he said.

Radical ideology has continued to grow as a result of a narrow understanding.

He also urged the people to continue to do good, always be tolerant, and avoid negativity, saying that is the road to heaven. 

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