Maternal welfare bill pushes for increasing knowledge of breastfeeding

Maternal welfare bill pushes for increasing knowledge of breastfeeding

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – Member of Commission IX of the House of Representatives Kurniasih Mufidayati stated that the Maternal and Child Welfare Bill (RUU KIA) would push to improve mothers’ knowledge of the importance of breastfeeding.

“We have proposed a bill, the RUU KIA, which regulates the protection of breastfeeding mothers,” Mufidayati noted at the “Promotion and Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) regarding the First 1,000 Days of Life” webinar that was followed online here on Wednesday.

The lawmaker noted that one of the efforts in the stunting reduction acceleration program that should be intensified is increasing knowledge of lactation management, so that babies could get exclusive breastfeeding until the age of two.

The bill will focus on lactation management, as exclusive breastfeeding affects children’s health, both in terms of growth and nutritional fulfillment.

In addition, focusing on lactation management is crucial since there are several working mothers, who breastfeed their babies, she added.

Mufidayati explained that in the bill, which is still in the deliberation process, the house would also accommodate inputs from various parties to increase understanding of the importance of the first one thousand days of life among children that comprises 270 days of the fetal period and 730 days, or two years, after birth.

She noted that regulations contained in the bill are expected to reach all families, especially the government’s target of working mothers in urban and rural areas.

On the occasion, she also invited all components of the nation, along with the National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) and the House, to promote the importance of the one thousand days of life and the provision of exclusive breastfeeding with the proper technique to create a quality generation.

“We can optimize the exclusive breastfeeding process for two years. Hopefully, this would be a form of our collective effort to reduce the stunting rate,” she remarked.

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