Blangkon Festival attracts youngsters to admire Javanese culture

Blangkon Festival attracts youngsters to admire Javanese culture

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Solo, Central Java (ANTARA) – The 2022 Blangkon Festival being held at Loji Gandrung, Solo, Central Java, on September 9-11, 2022, aims to attract the younger generation to develop an admiration for Javanese culture and become a touristic attraction.

“Actually, we hope that this would be an annual event. Our idealism is that young people love blangkon (traditional Javanese headgear),” Chairperson of the Surakarta City Tourism Awareness Group Mintorogo remarked at the opening of the festival in Solo on Friday.

At the festival, his side encouraged youngsters to admire the Javanese culture by inviting them to perform the opening dance. Mintorogo expects that they would develop an inclination to wear blangkon on several occasions.

His side also strives to educate on the philosophy behind wearing blangkon that complements the Javanese traditional clothing.

Blangkon is philosophically worn to bind the mind, emotion, and spirituality. With blangkon, we cohere ourselves to our creator. Although Solo’s and Yogyakarta’s version of blangkon is different, the philosophy is generally the same,” he remarked.

To study further the philosophy, the 2022 Blangkon Festival will hold a talk show that presents a royal family member Kanjeng Gusti Pengeran Haryo (KGPH) Puger, who is one of the sons of Pakubuwono XII, the former monarch ruler of Surakarta Sunanate.

On the same occasion, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo lauded the festival. According to him, blangkon can show the age, status, and position of the person wearing it.

“You can know people by the blangkon they wear. Some are thin, some are big, and it can show the age and position,” he remarked.

Pranowo expressed hope that this activity would be developed in the following years, such as holding a blangkon competition. Thus, the Blangkon Festival can increase the people’s creativity and attract more youngsters to wear it. 

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