G20 should be inclusive, responsive to multilateralism: C20 Chairman

C20 calls for more transparent policy-making

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Indonesian G20 presidency must ensure greater transparency in the policy-making process and listen more to the voice of the people.

“It is important to urge the G20 to listen more to the people’s voices and to be more transparent in the policy-making process,” chair of C20, Sugeng Bahagijo, said in Jakarta on Thursday.

The Indonesian G20 Presidency must be able to resolve social, economic, health, environmental, humanitarian, and education-related issues through adequate and quality development and humanitarian financing.

“Equally important, there should be no delay in achieving the SDGs (sustainable development goals), ending corruption, fighting for sustainable finance and tax justice, assisting debt settlements in poor countries, and (ensuring) gender equality. Many people in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) are relying on the G20 leadership,” Bahagijo said.

To reduce international development disparities and global economic recovery gaps, a right-based approach must be adopted while formulating policies that prioritize vulnerable groups, women, children, youth, people with disabilities, migrant workers and people at risk of economic instability, inequality and climate crisis, he added.  

The C20 has called on G20 leaders to accord greater attention to daily grassroots issues and draw concrete actions to overcome them.

The openness in involving and engaging with the civil society in every G20 process will reflect whether or not the aspirations and voices of the citizens of the world have been taken into consideration, he said.

Indonesia’s G20 presidency will determine the fate of people around the world, including the poor from low- and middle-income countries, he added.

C20 is one of the official Engagement Groups of the G20. It provides a platform for civil society organizations (CSO) from around the world to voice the people’s aspirations with global leaders in the grouping.

The C20 engages more than 800 civil societies representatives and networks from various countries beyond the members of the G20.

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