West Java: 3 die as bus plunges into ravine

West Java: 3 die as bus plunges into ravine

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Tasikmalaya, W Java (ANTARA) – Three people died and scores of others sustained injuries after a bus with 59 people on board plunged into a 10-meter ravine in Tasikmalaya District, West Java, early on Saturday.

The bus carrying teachers and employees of state elementary school SDN Sayang, Jatinagor, Sumedang District, West Java, met with an accident while traveling from Bandung to Tasikmalaya, acting chief of the traffic unit of Tasikmalaya City Police, First Inspector Soni Alamsyah, informed on Saturday.

Based on the investigation, the driver fell asleep and lost control of the bus, which then fell into a 10-meter ravine in Rajapolah area, Tasikmalaya, he said.

All the injured passengers were taken to a nearby public health service post and hospital in Tasikmalaya city for medical treatment.

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