Trade minister inspects food stocks, prices at Cibubur Market

Trade minister inspects food stocks, prices at Cibubur Market

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan observed the Cibubur Market in East Jakarta on his first day as minister to know firsthand about the food stocks and complaints of traders and buyers.

“Before the meetings, it is exactly this (visit to the market) that is important. I listened to the complaints from traders and the people who buy. We must immediately control the prices of basic necessities and find solutions. We feel sorry for the people,” Hasan noted in his statement here on Thursday.

Hasan formulated various strategies to address national food issues with the principle of justice, so that traders and buyers were happy.

The minister was accompanied by Deputy Minister of Trade Jerry Sambuaga and Secretary General of the Trade Ministry Suhanto.

Minister Hasan emphasized that the ministry must function as a fair regulator. By using justice as a principle, problems can be resolved.

“The Trade Ministry must be at the forefront in (applying) fairness in trade. Regulations must be fair. Traders and buyers must be honest, balanced, and mutually beneficial to each other. Buyers are happy. Merchants are happy. Do not let anyone hoard, suppress prices, etc.,” he remarked.

The minister emphasized that the principle of justice must be placed first and foremost, with the orientation aimed at improving the people’s welfare.

“We will start from here. I want traders and buyers to be happy. Fair, offer kindness to each other. That is what is called as blessing,” he remarked.

The trade minister stated that his administration will immediately impose a policy, so that the price of bulk cooking oil could be set at Rp14 thousand per liter, a price considered to be simple and under control.

The minister also heard the complaints of traders and buyers. A meat and egg vendor, Eti, complained about the price of basic necessities that continuously skyrocketed, thereby making it difficult for her to sell at a profitable price.

“From there, it was already expensive, and we had to take a little profit. If it is expensive, no one wants to buy it. Everything becomes harder. Not only buyers but traders are also confused about these prices, sir,” he stated.

Hasan also gifted an Umrah trip package to Warman and Eli Nurliah, a couple, who were selling basic necessities at Cibubur Market. The husband and wife, touched by the initiative, were in tears.

“We are very grateful. Thank you to the minister for paying attention to the traders,” Nurliah stated.

Based on observation, bulk cooking oil was regularly supplied to the Cibubur Market, with a selling price to final consumers set at Rp14 thousand per liter. Meanwhile, premium packaged cooking oil was sold at a price of Rp24 thousand per liter.

As for other commodities, sugar was sold for Rp14 thousand per kilogram (kg), packaged wheat flour at Rp12 thousand per kg, chicken eggs at Rp29 thousand/kg, chicken meat at Rp40 thousand per kg, beef at Rp140 thousand per kg, and curly red chili at Rp90 thousand per kg.

Large red chilies were sold at Rp90 thousand per kg, red chilies priced at Rp110 thousand per kg, shallots were sold at Rp60 thousand per kg, honan garlic sold at Rp30 thousand per kg, and kating garlic priced at Rp42 thousand per kg.

Hasan was sworn in as the trade minister on Wednesday, June 15, replacing Muhammad Lutfi.

Trade Minister Hasan was expected to focus on dealing with domestic trade issues in accordance with President Jokowi’s directives.

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President Jokowi believes that Hasan is able to solve the existing problems, ranging from supply chain issues to the skyrocketing prices of basic goods, including cooking oil.

The president deemed Hasan to have plenty of experience and a good track record, thereby making him eligible for taking on the role of trade minister.

Food issues require firsthand experience and actual work, as well as observation of the problems firsthand, which are primarily related to the basic needs of people. Those were the main keys to addressing the issue of basic needs in the country. 

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