Police force holds contests to commemorate 76th Bhayangkara Day

Police force holds contests to commemorate 76th Bhayangkara Day

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The National Police hosted competitions to commemorate the 76th Bhayangkara Day, with the aim of fostering creativity among members of the public after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

Head of public relations at the National Police Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo stated that among the competitions conducted by the National Police were a music festival, in which street musicians from various regions participated; three-pillar competitions; short film competitions; and others.

“Moreover, (there is a) shooting competition (that would involve) the media editors at the Kelapa II Depok Mobile Brigade Headquarters on June 11,” Prasetyo noted in a written statement received here on Saturday.

As for the three-pillar competition, a short film competition that brought up the theme of “Police Force’s Small Step towards Change”, a photo contest, and a public service advertisement competition that would culminate on June 22 would be held.

Also held was an art competition themed “Bright Indonesia” and among the contests were a dance competition, vocal group, and artistic performances, which would be held on June 28, with the conclusion hosted at The Tribrata Building, South Jakarta.

“On July 1, the National Police will announce the Hoegeng Awards, an award for Bhayangkaras (police) who have integrity, dedication, and innovation,” Dedi affirmed.

He also revealed that apart from competitions, the anniversary also included religious social services as well as the distribution of social assistance on Wednesday, June 15. Medical services would also be expedited in all regions, with Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, being the center of the operation.

He also stated that from May to June 30, they would conduct a vaccination program, and on June 7, they would also hold a blood donation activity. Operations, such as cleft lip surgery, circumcision, and cataract eye surgery, would be conducted in Balikpapan, he added.

As many as 20 thousand packages of social assistance will be distributed at the Bhayangkara Field, South Jakarta, on Monday, June 20. The aid will be targeted for orphans, poor people, factory workers, laid off workers, nursing homes, social institutions, orphanages, people with disabilities, retired personnel of the police force or national defense force, medical staff, MSME actors affected by the pandemic, motorcycle taxi drivers, as well as drivers and families of victims of COVID-19.

“Social assistance in (commemoration) of the 76th Anniversary of Bhayangkara will be distributed all over Indonesia. At the National Police Headquarters scope, the event will be held on Monday (June 20, 2022) at the Bhayangkara Field,” he concluded.

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