KBRI assists searching Ridwan Kamil's son lost in Aaree River

KBRI assists searching Ridwan Kamil’s son lost in Aaree River

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The Indonesian Embassy in Bern has coordinated with the local police for the search and rescue process

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Indonesian Embassy in Bern, Switzerland, continues to help look for Emmeril Khan Mumtadz, or Eril, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil’s first son, who went missing while swimming in Aaree River, Switzerland, on May 26.

“The Indonesian Embassy in Bern has coordinated with the local police for the search and rescue process,” Director of Protection for Indonesian Citizens and Indonesian Legal Authority (BHI) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Judha Nugraha, informed via text message on Friday.

Nugraha later explained that search efforts were made immediately after the incident on Thursday by navigating through the Aaree River in Bern, and the process would continue on Friday.

“The search process was suspended last night and will start again this morning Bern time. We pray that Eril will be found safe soon,” he remarked.

Governor Kamil and his family are in Switzerland in search of a school for Eril, who will continue his education to pursue a Master’s degree.

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At the time of the incident, the governor was in England in connection with government activities abroad with a delegation from the West Java provincial government.

In the afternoon of May 26, 2022, Eril, along with her sister and friends, started swimming in the Aaree River, Bern. The weather was sunny when Eril attempted to reach the river banks, but he was dragged by a fairly swift current of the river despite being assisted by his friends.

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Kamil immediately headed to Switzerland after receiving the news of the incident and has currently gathered with his family.

On behalf of the family, Kamil’s brother, Elpi Nazmuzaman, conveyed his gratitude to the Indonesian Embassy in Bern and the local police for their help in searching for Eril.

“We are also praying for Eril. We hope he can be found soon and be reunited with his family in good health,” Nazmuzaman added.

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