Telkom first SOE to get Great Place to Work certification

Telkom first SOE to get Great Place to Work certification

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We have learned a lot from the certification process.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – State-owned telecommunication provider PT Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) Tbk. has officially received the Great Place to Work (GPTW) certification from the GPTW Institute for  its continued attempts to improve the quality of human capital management.

PT Telkom is the first state-owned enterprise (SOE)  to get the international certification effective as of April 2022.

The Director of Human Capital Management of PT Telkom, Afriwandi, said in a statement received here on Sunday, that the certification proves the company’s commitment to continue to adapt to maintaining the best performance.

“The certification is part of our effort to adapt to employee experience management. We have learned a lot from the certification process,” he remarked.

He continued that his party will strive to become the best for the job seekers.

GPTW Institute is an American institution founded in 1992. It has conducted a survey on working environment to more than 100 million employees in 49 countries..

Earlier, from February to March 2022, the institution conducted a survey to about 5,000 employees of PT Telkom.

The method used in the survey is Trust Index Survey which consists of a number of indicators.

They include management and organizational credibility; organizational policies fairness; getting respected at the workplace; harmonious relationships and social interactions; as well as sense of proud of the task and working organization.

According to the survey, PT Telkom’s employees stated that the enterprise is a great place to work and a preferred company for job seekers.

Hence, the GPTW Institute concluded that the corporation had been capable of providing  good experience for the employees since the beginning of their work as well as to prepare great human capital management strategies, including career development strategy, physical and non-physical facilities provision, character building and leadership improvement  and retirement preparation.

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