Nine cases of acute hepatitis classified as pending: Health Ministry

Nine cases of acute hepatitis classified as pending: Health Ministry

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, reported that nine cases of acute hepatitis in Indonesia are classified as “pending” based on the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) criteria.

“Currently, the nine cases, if we look at the WHO criteria, are classified as pending because we are still waiting for the results of the hepatitis E examination,” Tarmizi stated at a webinar themed “Protect Children from Acute Hepatitis” accessed here on Friday.

The spokesperson noted that the nine cases were classified as pending, as the Indonesian government was still awaiting the results of further examination of hepatitis E from the tested suspects.

The government and WHO are also still studying and observing other viruses that can cause acute hepatitis, including the severe symptoms experienced by the patients.

“We will just have to wait. Maybe, at most in the next seven days, we can get the results,” she stated.

Tarmizi remarked that currently, there are 18 suspects of acute hepatitis with severe symptoms in Indonesia, wherein all of them are known to not suffer from the hepatitis A, B, C or D variants.

Meanwhile, seven other suspects are confirmed to not have acute hepatitis, while two other suspects are currently being investigated. Out of the seven deaths reported, two of them were not classified as acute hepatitis.

In addition, the ministry continues to monitor the development of acute hepatitis to identify whether transmission can occur among adults.

The spokesperson stated that not all regions in Indonesia had recorded cases of acute hepatitis with severe symptoms. However, all parties are expected to be more alert if a family member is affected by jaundice, which is one of the symptoms of acute hepatitis.

She also emphasized that implementing a clean lifestyle, identifying symptoms of acute hepatitis, and ensuring prompt treatment from medical personnel are essential to prevent the worst-case scenario of death in families, especially children. 

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