Invite public inputs, issue TPKS derivatives soon: DPR to govt

Invite public inputs, issue TPKS derivatives soon: DPR to govt

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – Speaker of the House of Representatives (DPR), Puan Maharani, has advised the government to promptly issue the derivative regulations of the sexual violence crime law (UU TPKS) by inviting inputs from civil society.

“The government needs to issue regulations derived from the UU TPKS immediately and can invite a number of civil society groups to discuss government regulations (PP) or presidential regulations (perpres),” she said in a written statement received here on Friday.

The House Speaker’s appeal was lauded by the secretary general of the Indonesian Women’s Coalition, Dian K. Sari.

According to her, the appeal reflects Maharani’s seriousness in pushing for the formulation of derivative regulations of the UU TPKS.

She also affirmed that the civil society coalition is ready to provide assistance in the preparation of regulations derived from the sexual violence crime law, such as the PP.

“Civil society networks are ready to gather again to assist several government regulations. I believe some networks may not have enough power. However, several network groups can share tasks if all are involved,” she pointed out.

Regarding the number of derivative regulations, Maharani, on a separate occasion, said that there will be five government regulations and five presidential regulations that will support the implementation of the UU TPKS.

Meanwhile, deputy chair of the National Commission on Violence against Women (Komnas Perempuan), Mariana Amiruddin, highlighted that the matter that must be paid attention to when formulating derivative regulations is ensuring that the regulations do not deviate from the objectives of the law.

To this end, the implementers of the law, such as law enforcement officers and victim assistance services providers, are expected to carry out their duties properly, as mandated and regulated in the derivative regulations.

The House of Representatives approved the draft of the sexual violence crime bill to be passed into law during a plenary meeting led by House Speaker Puan Maharani on April 12, 2022.

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