UMCvEC: Hasanuddin University students win Best Popularity Award

UMCvEC: Hasanuddin University students win Best Popularity Award

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Makassar, South Sulawesi (ANTARA) – Students of Hasanuddin University’s Department of Civil Engineering have won the Best Popularity Award at the International University of Malaya Civil Engineering Competition (UMCvEC) 2022 in Malaysia.

One of the Hasanuddin U’s “Karampuang” team members, Yusril Ramadhan, said that UMCvEC is an annual competition organized by the University of Malaya, and in 2022, it was themed “Green Olympic Village.”

“We are members of the ‘Karampuang’ Team; (we) designed an innovation of athletes village that is safe, environmentally friendly, and aesthetic; also, (we designed) a strong and lightweight roof truss. Through a hard and a long process, our team won the Best Popularity Award,” Ramadhan informed in Makassar on Tuesday.

Hasanuddin U team supervisor Dr. Eng. Rita Irmawati lauded the students’ achievement at the international level.

The current competitive climate is encouraging students to be more creative in their work by utilizing digital technology, Dr. Irmawati said.

She also explained the process of preparing the team under her guidance, wherein, according to her, the challenge only lay in the limited time for direct interaction for making the proposal, design, and analysis.

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“The students love to work at night. If there are obstacles, they usually communicate via WhatsApp or phone. They are very great, just need to be given motivation and support, then they will be total in their work,” Irmawati remarked.

Meanwhile, the Faculty Dean of Civil Engineering, Prof. Dr. Eng. Muhammad Isran Ramli, also lauded the achievement.

“This achievement strongly supports the main performance indicators of higher education, which is the number of students who excel at the national and international levels. We are very proud of the contributions and achievements of the students,” he said.

The students of the Karampuang team are:

1. Yusril Ramadhan (2018)

2. Hari Anggara (2018)

3. Muthmainnah (2018)

4. Muhammad Fadli Al Kautsar (2020)

5. Muh. Farhan Muhlis (2020).

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