Two out off three newly infected COVID-19 patients die in Batam

Two out off three newly infected COVID-19 patients die in Batam

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One COVID-19 patient in Natuna died

Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands (ANTARA) – Two out of three newly infected COVID-19 patients in Batam, Riau Islands province, died after the industrialized island reported zero active case in the past few days, according to the local COVID-19 handling task force.

“Right now only one active COVID-19 case is reported (in Batam),” spokesman for the Riau Islands COVID-19 Handling Task Force Tjetjep Yudiana said here¬† said on Sunday.

Meanwhile, five COVID-19 active cases were reported in Tanjungpinang and two in Bintan district . The patients are in the process of recovering after testing positive for the coronavirus more than one week ago.

The districts of Anambas Islands, Lingga and Natuna reported no active COVID-19 cases.

“One COVID-19 patient in Natuna died,” he said.

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The COVID-19 handling task force has declared seven districts and cities in Riau Islands yellow zones or areas with low transmission risks. An area may be declared a green zone if it reports no active case in the past one month.

“Anambas will potentially be declared a green zone because it has reported no active case for more than three weeks now,”” he said.

He said the number of active COVID-19 cases in Riau Islands has fallen drastically since March 2022. However, the public need to stay alert for COVID-19 transmission by following health protocols.

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“We don’t want the number of COVID-19 patients to increase when the mobility of people is high particularly during Eid holidays. Let us stay alert, be consistent to use masks, wash hands and keep interaction distance,”” he said.

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