Police focusing on securing attractions during Eid holidays

Police focusing on securing attractions during Eid holidays

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The National Police has said that it is concentrating on securing the traffic flow at tourist attractions that are crowded with visitors during the Eid holiday this year.

Public information division head of the National Police, Senior Commissioner Gatot Repli Handoko, said that all regional police ranks are focusing on securing tourist destinations and managing traffic flow on a number of toll roads and arterial roads.

“On the second day of Eid, in addition to the toll roads, we also focus on the locations of tourist attractions, both within the city and outside the city,” Handoko told ANTARA here on Tuesday.

The tourist destinations include the Puncak line, West Java, Malang (East Java), and Central Java, among others.

For securing these tourist destinations, the regional police ranks are coordinating with the managers of the attractions so that there is no congestion or crowding due to visitors, Handoko said.

“If the place is full, (we will) coordinate with the tourist attractions (managers), and traffic schemes will be carried out there. Now, (we) anticipate when visitors return home in the afternoon, it is the most crowded,” he explained.

According to him, the police’s efforts have included road-surface marking, enforcing traffic schemes, and preparing parking spots.

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In addition to providing security at tourist attractions and traffic flow scenarios, the police have continued to impose the contraflow policy to break down traffic on a number of toll roads.

Speaking about the preparations for the first day of the return flow, Handoko informed that the National Police has been readying measures to reduce traffic density and congestion.

“Tomorrow (Wednesday), we will concentrate on regulating the return flow traffic,” he said.

Earlier, President Joko Widodo had appealed to people to return early to avoid peak traffic, which has been predicted to occur from May 6 to May 8, 2022. 

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