Ministry responds to 1,620 reports on Eid allowance

Ministry responds to 1,620 reports on Eid allowance

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Manpower Ministry has responded to 1,620 reports related to the payment of Eid allowance (THR) through the 2022 THR Post, the ministry’s Secretary General Anwar Sanusi has informed.

As of April 29, 2022, the ministry’s virtual THR Post has received 5,148 reports consisting of 2,746 online complaints and 2,402 consultations, Sanusi said here on Saturday.

The ministry has responded to 1,620 consultation reports out of the 2,402 reports submitted from all provinces in Indonesia, he added. The remaining 782 reports are still being processed.

“We will definitely complete 100 percent of the consultation reports,” he said.

Meanwhile, the 2,746 complaints have come from 1,549 reported companies.

Of the complaints, 1,277 pertain to unpaid THR, 1,140 to THR payments that are not in compliance with the provisions, and 338 to late THR payments, Sanusi disclosed.

“Of those numbers, 41 (complaint) reports have been followed up and 1,508 are in the process; Some 33 reports have been included in the performance examination report and eight reports have been included in the examination note I,” he said.

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Furthermore, a recapitulation of the online THR 2022 Post across Indonesia has shown that Jakarta province has recorded the highest number of consultations and complaints, he added.

While North Kalimantan has the least number of THR consultations, with only one report submitted.

Jakarta has received 876 complaint reports, followed by West Java (577 reports), Banten (302 reports), and East Java (262 reports).

Of the 876 reports, Jakarta has received the most complaints about THR not being paid (387), followed by non-standard THR payment (357), and late THR payment (262).

Meanwhile, Papua has seen the fewest THR complaints, with only one complaint of THR not being paid submitted from the province.

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