UNSC must stop Israeli violence against Palestinians: House Speaker

UNSC must stop Israeli violence against Palestinians: House Speaker

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – House Speaker Puan Maharani has asked the Indonesian Government to urge the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to be more active to stop Israeli violence against Palestinians.

The government must continue to take concrete actions to help the Palestinian people, she said in a statement here on Sunday.

“Indonesia can push the UN Security Council to take more active stance to stop violence in Palestine,” Maharani said.

The commitment to support and fight for Palestinian independence from Israeli occupation had been voiced during the Asia and Africa Summit held in Bandung on 18–24 April 1955.

She recalled that her grandfather, Indonesia’s first President Soekarno in his opening remarks during the Asia-Africa Conference 67 years ago had urged that the Asia and African countries must support the struggles for independence of those remained colonized in the two continents.

The Asian and African delegates had agreed to support Palestine’s independence and asked for immediate implementation of the UN resolutions on Palestine.

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However, until now the Palestine remains occupied and the people is discriminated and suffering violence by occupying Israeli forces.

Hence, Puan Maharani reminded the 29 member countries of the Asia and Africa Conference, including Indonesia, to fulfill their promise to help the Palestinian people in the struggle for independence.

Independence is the right of every nation in the world and there should be no more colonization by one nation against another, especially in the modern era like today, she stressed.

“The liberation of Palestine from Israel’s oppression will forever remain a debt to be repaid by Indonesia and other Asia-Africa Conference’s participating countries that had pledged in Bandung,” she said.

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