B20 Task Force continues to design constructive energy policies

B20 Task Force continues to design constructive energy policies

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The B20 Energy, Sustainability & Climate (ESC) Task Force has continued to design constructive policies for energy transition efforts that will be recommended at the upcoming G20.

The B20 Task Force held an online call meeting to discuss Policy Action that will be recommended at the upcoming G20, as noted in a release issued by PT Pertamina and received here on Friday.

The Business 20, or B20, is an outreach group from the G20 that represents the international business community. The B20 ESC Task Force is currently being led by Pertamina, the largest Energy State-Owned Enterprise in Indonesia.

At the online call meeting held on Thursday (April 19), the Task Force — led by Pertamina President Director Nicke Widyawati as the ESC Task Force Chair — continued to make updates on policy designs and policy actions calling for efforts to maintain energy sustainability and climate change mitigation.

The online meeting, titled “3rd Task Force Call Meeting,” was attended by some 140 participants comprising Deputy Chair of the ESC Task Force Agung Wicaksono, Manager of the ESC Policy Task Force Oki Muraza, eight Co-Chairs of the ESC Task Force B20 as well as B20 members from 19 industries and 25 countries.

Widyawati invited members of the B20 task force to re-discuss policy designs and to explore more constructive policy actions.

“To date, we have received more than 300 comments and inputs that are very constructive and helpful for us in the policy-drafting process. Through the active involvement of all participants, I am confident that this task force will provide relevant and actionable policy recommendations to the G20 leaders,” Widyawati noted.

She remarked that some inputs and recommendations were gathered at the meeting from the B20 Secretariat that would later be added to several new policy actions to be discussed at greater depth to suit the focus and collective needs that represent the interests of the B20 Community as a whole.

“Let us work together to create and deliver the legacy of Indonesia’s G20 presidency this year, both through policies and a series of side events on the real action of the task force, so that we can be fruitful and give the best to the G20,” Widyawati remarked.

She also expressed hope that the main objective of the ESC task force, which is to ensure an inclusive process in developing policy recommendations and actions, would be achieved through meetings and discussions.

B20 ESC Task Force Manager Oki Muraza explained that currently, there are 12 inputs for policy actions from 14 policy actions discussed in the earlier call meeting.

On the same occasion, Deputy Chair of the ESC Task Force Agung Wicaksono explained that the Task Force also continued to strive to develop partnerships and collaborations, develop technology to conduct capacity building in various countries, and increase values to attract investment and financing access.

“To achieve these goals, we invite the realization of a corporate agreement and pilot project in the country, and we targeted to have it completed in September or October 2022,” he stated.

The ESC B20 Task Force has proposed three green energy transition recommendations to be presented at the G20 high-level meeting in Bali in November 2022.

Those three recommendations are accelerating the transition to sustainable energy use, ensuring a fair and affordable energy transition process, and increasing global cooperation to ensure energy security.


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